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Help TeenVGN keep our Office. Donate a few pounds today! 

TeenVGN has been running for nearly four years, completely voluntarily and 100% not-for-profit! During this time the whole organisation has been run from our home, a terraced house in the Welsh valleys complete with four rescued cats & a dog too!

It has always been our dream to have our own TeenVGN office space, somewhere that we can keep our stock and merchandise, be more professional as an organisation and separate our work life from our home life, and this fundraiser has made that dream a reality. But, without the continued support and donations.. We can't afford to pay the office rent every month!

TeenVGN has grown rapidly over the last 4 years, more than we could have ever hoped for and we’ve gone from just a few product samples in the house to a full range of merchandise, everything you could imagine to run a summer camp; freezers, fridges, products, banners, mini-mags and boxes everywhere! What started in the spare bedroom has spread throughout the house!

We have found the perfect office space just a few miles from the house situated on a business estate. It comes fully refurbished with 24/7 security, electricity, water, heating, internet and a business address for all our deliveries! We can store our merchandise, camp equipment and set up a desk and merchandise packing area. We can be organised and professional and there is scope for us to have VGN Camp meetings on site. How wonderful does all that sound?

Luckily we live in South Wales so in comparison to other places, we think the rent is quite reasonable and we know with the generous donations from our supporters (some of which have been there since day one) we can raise enough to secure us this office space.

Here is a breakdown of costs:

  • Admin Fee (one-off payment): £250 + VAT = £300 MONEY RAISED
  • Service Charge (annually): £250 MONEY RAISED
  • Rent (per month): £180 + VAT = £216
  • Internet (per month fibre optic): £30
  • Total rent per year: £3,500

We realise this is a lot of money and we need your help and generosity to make it happen. We’re not expecting to raise it overnight; our fundraiser will be a running thing. If you can spare just £5, £10, £20 we would be so incredibly grateful. We really believe that in order to step up our game and make TeenVGN and VGN Summer Camp bigger and better, we need to push on, move forwards and continue to progress as an organisation! It's so important to us, and we know how important it is to the young people whose lives we've seen changed.

For every single person that donates and makes this dream a reality, their name will go on a huge poster/plaque and be proudly displayed in the TeenVGN office and every office we ever have. Help us make history. For the animals, always!

The TeenVGN team will also be taking part in various challenges and fundraisers, so keep an eye on our updates to find out what we're up to and please sponsor us by donating on this page.

To help raise much needed funds for the office, three of the TeenVGN Team (Kylie, Laura & Anna) have decided to take on an Epic 5K Inflatable Run.. This may sound fun, or even bouncy.. But it wont be easy. Follow our journey as we attempt to get fit for the run and please spare some change and sponsor us (if you can) so we can continue doing what we're doing by running TeenVGN for the compassionate young people who need it! 

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