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" TeenVGN was founded on the 4th March 2013 by Laura and Kylie. It was set-up as a social network for young vegetarians and vegans to meet new people, create friendships, share tips, recipes, opinions and much more. Whilst there were plenty of amazing animal rights campaigning groups there was nothing just for young compassionate people. And so, TeenVGN was born! Since launching TeenVGN have attended some of the biggest vegan events in Europe, racked up over 25,000 social media followers and counting, won prestigious awards and announced The UK's first ever vegan summer camp for young people! TeenVGN will continue to grow and do whatever we can to make a difference in the world............."

Who's who?

Founder & Director

Hey, I'm Laura! 

My "going vegan" story isn't very exciting really.  I decided to adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle in October of 2011 when I was baking Vegan cupcakes with Anna (see below).  It was more of a dare really when she said "You should go Vegan!" and handed me a bunch of leaflets.  I didn't even look at them when I said "Okay." Never turned back since that day!

I run TeenVGN voluntarily and produce all our posters, graphics, banners and design our quarterly Mini-Mags! My full-time paid job is working for our wonderful Partners - Bute Island Foods.

My hobbies outside of the world of TeenVGN are skateboarding, walking/hiking & making videos for our YouTube channelThank you for being a part of TeenVGN!

Founder & Director

Hello, I'm Kylie!

I'm 28 years young, and I live in Wales, UK! I run TeenVGN voluntarily and take care of updating our Website and looking after our Sponsors! I also spend lots of time networking with all our lovely members and supporters on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

I adopted a compassionate lifestyle back in 2008, and I have never looked back! Becoming cruelty-free is the best decision I have ever made! 

When I'm not campaigning for animals and attending events all over the UK.. I also love to go skiing, cook, take Pippin for walks, visit different countries, eat out and go to the movies! It makes me so happy that we have been able to create this site especially for you all.. Have fun!

Project Co-Ordinator

Anna joined the team at the end of 2014 when she offered to help organise our VGN Summer Camp. With her expertise in event organising and her trustworthy nature, we decided to ask her to become a permanent part of our team, creating innovating ideas to help push TeenVGN forward.  She has since set up our plant based Food Bank - From Seed To Fork!

Anna was vegan when her and Laura met in 2011. She is the friend that Laura spoke of above who told her to try veganism.  So I guess you could say, without Anna, TeenVGN wouldn't exist!

You'll find her at events around the UK, running our snapchat @TeenVGN and as a VGN Camp Leader.

Merch Designer & Events Assistant

Lucy joined the team in July 2015 when we realised it was time to expand! Lucy had already volunteered for us at two of Europe's biggest vegan festivals and we knew she'd be a perfect addition! Lucy is always smiling, outgoing and helpful which is why she fitted so perfectly with our events team! Lucy also designed all of our new range of merchandise, she's ridiculously talented!

Lucy is a passionate vegan and will do whatever she can to help animals in any way possible! 

You'll find her at events around the UK and you'll be able to chat to her and ask vegan related questions via our Twitter: @TeenVGN

TeenVGN Intern

Asher joined our team as TeenVGN Intern in November 2016. He applied for the role after following TeenVGN and our work, being a member on the website, hanging-out at TeenZones and attending our first two VGN Summer Camps and graduating earlier this year. 

Asher is kind, reliable, intuitive and has so much potential that we thought he'd make the perfect Intern. He is very involved in the LGBTQ+ community, loves walking the dogs, playing guitar and penny-boarding.

You'll find him running our @VGNSummerCamp twitter account and at events around the UK in 2017 volunteering for TeenVGN.

Twitter & Blogger Team





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