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Chanel Ryan - Most Beautiful Woman, Inside and Out

Chanel Ryan has been named one of the “most beautiful women in the world” and her career as a Hollywood celebrity began when she was approached on the beach to model for a swimwear company. She is now focused on acting, known for her roles in movies such as; BASEketball, Hobgoblins 2, George Wallace and most recently Bad Kids Go To Hell in 2012. She's been in over 30 commercials and as many magazine covers. She's been featured on Inside Edition, E Entertainment along with numerous news and entertainment shows. What's more, Chanel is producing her first feature film titled "Crimson Saints" which shoots later this year. I think it’s safe to say that the TeenVGN team were super excited to talk to this busy Hollywood star when she agreed to chat to us about her compassionate lifestyle. 

Chanel began by telling us that she had become Vegetarian in her early years, when she was old enough to make the decision not to eat meat, “I learned I had other options and made the decision to become a vegetarian. About a year ago I cut dairy out as well.” We asked her what the transition was like as a teenager and she replied frankly, “I never liked my Mother's cooking (sorry Mom!). It was my worst nightmare when my Mom made steak, roast beef, meat loaf, turkey etc for dinner and I didn't understand why everyone in my family but me liked it. Since the smell and taste of meat always made me sick, the transition was easy.” She also stated that to her, eating meat felt like she was eating her dog and it broke her heart when she researched and found out the inhumane ways that animals were treated for human consumption.

We went on to talk to Chanel about our favourite topic. Food! We asked if she enjoyed cooking and what was her favourite food to eat, “I can a make a few dishes. Quinoa is a favorite of mine & you can add any types of vegetables, spices and nuts you choose. It's quick and easy to make. I also make a great Thai soup in the crock pot with pasta, beans and an assortment of vegetables and spices. Indian food is always delicious, specifically Southern Indian, and there are a lot of great vegetarian options. I love to eat so could go on and on.” So could we!

Chanel told us that the most common question she gets asked by people around her is “What do you eat?” And I’m sure we’d all say the same about this question, “There are so many delicious options out there. One of the biggest misconceptions is that vegetarians are skinny and malnourished with limited food options.”

Our celebrity gave us a nice pitch about one of the animal rights issues that lay heavy on her heart, adopting and re-homing:

“If you are considering getting a pet please adopt from your local shelter or animal rescue. There are so many beautiful animals in need of homes. By supporting your local shelters and rescues you are not only helping animals in need, and allowing the animal organizations to continue operating by supporting them, but also sending a message to the breeders out there and eventually with enough people adopting the amount of breeders will decrease.

I end every media interview possible with a mention of the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. Approximately 3-4 million animals are euthanized every year. The number of homeless, unwanted animals out there is staggering so please be part of the solution not the problem.”

As a model, we asked Chanel what her views were on the fur industry, “Fur is the worst. I ban any shops that carry fur, magazines that run editorials featuring it, and designers that use it in their clothing, accessories etc. I refuse to wear fur and am very clear about it before accepting any job. I recently did a shoot where the stylist showed up with all types of fur for me to wear. Needless to say I was not happy and did not wear any of it.” Chanel continued that she wishes that more celebrities, fashion designers, magazines, stylists, directors, etc in the public eye would realize the power of the work they produce and take the responsibility seriously. Whether it is print campaigns, magazine covers, editorial layouts, films, red carpet and press photos. “There are very few people out there who use their celebrity and position to bring about positive change.” We are so happy to say that Chanel Ryan is one of those few!

Chanel is a professional in her industry; she told us that she can tell a vegan or vegetarian from a meat eater just by looking at their skin! Check out this interesting fact, “Most Vegan/vegetarians have a glow and clarity to their skin whereas people who consume large amounts of meat have a thickness to their complexions.”

We could have gone on and on with the lovely Chanel Ryan, but she ended our interview with some wise words, “The negative effects of eating meat are vast. A vegetarian or vegan diet not only supplies your body with better cruelty free nutrition, you are also creating a better world and in turn a better tomorrow. Be true to yourself and don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You have the power to create change not only within yourself but in others. Know who you are and have the strength to follow your own path.” And in the words of Chanel’s Mom “Those who matter know who you are, and those who don't, don't matter.” Don’t be afraid to be unique!

Chanel was kind enough to give us a simple little recipe that she loves to cook often:

“Just cook the Quinoa, chop up some garlic, red & green peppers, cucumbers, cashew cheese, and add some olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.” Enjoy!

Thank you, Chanel! - TeenVGN HQ

Chanel’s 2014 swimsuit calendar is available for pre-order here, and she is donating a percentage of the proceeds to help animals in need. Make sure you check it out! You can find Chanel’s Twitter @ChanelRyan and her website