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Guest Blog - Eating Out Guide

Posted by TeenVGN HQ on July 22, 2013 at 4:50 AM

Eating Out as a Vegan

Hi TeenVGN readers, I’m Vegan Vox! Lovely Laura at TeenVGN and I met at the Birmingham Vegan Fair and she asked if I would pop over from VeganVoxBlog ( and write a guest blog post for you lovely vegan people. I was more than happy to oblige so here I am!

I don’t know about you but in my wider circle of friends and in my family, I am the only vegan. This can cause some debate when we arrange to have a family meal out or go to a restaurant for a friend’s birthday. In an ideal world all our friends would embrace our cruelty-free lifestyle and would say ‘Hey Vegan Vox, do you know of any fab vegan restaurants we can all go out for dinner to?’ In reality, they normally say, ‘Oh, Vegan Vox is coming, we can’t go to our favourite place as she won’t be able to eat anything’ followed by a long sigh!

So I decided to put together this guide to great vegan options when eating out and about in non-veggie restaurants in the UK, so next time you are invited out for a meal you can confidently say yes, knowing you can order more than just a plain salad. I know some of you may have objections to eating in places that serve meat/dairy or giving your money to these companies and that is your right and choice as a vegan. This is just meant as a guide when you are stuck going along for someone else’s birthday meal or family dinner and you have no choice.

Wetherspoons –( Curry Club Evening only


Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Spinach Curry with extra poppadums (instead of naan bread)


Vegetable Samosas

Onion Bahji


Harvester – ( Every day


Ultimate Nachos with guacamole, salsa and jalapenos (without cheese and sour cream)


Spicy Chickpea Burger with salsa and fries

Simply Pasta in roasted tomato sauce served with rocket (without the garlic bread)


Unlimited trip to the salad cart and bread basket

Toby Carvery – ( Every day


Nut Roast Wellington with unlimited veg from the carvery* and veggie gravy

Meat Free Carvery* – just help yourself to unlimited veg, potatoes, stuffing and gravy

*Please note the following items on the veg carvery are not vegan – Yorkshire puddings, cauliflower cheese and mash potatoes.

Nandos – ( Every day


Hummus and Pitta

Red Pepper Dip




Veggie Pitta or Burger (without mayo and cheese)

Served with choice of side: chips, corn on the cob, salad or rice.

Please note: the Veggie Pitta and Veggie Burger are the only vegan options from the vegetarian menu, the Beanie Burger, Pitta and wrap are not vegan, nor the Portobello Mushroom and Hallumi Pitta, burger or wrap.

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels – ( Every day

All pretzels from Auntie Anne’s contain no animal products or dairy.

Pizza Hut – ( Every day

All vegetarian pizza choices can be ordered without cheese and the Italian crust is vegan.

Unlimited salad bar with any main meal, loads of vegan options to choose from.


Subway – ( Every day

All bread choices are vegan except for ‘Italian Herbs and Cheese’ and ‘Honey Oat’. The Veggie Delight (just salad and veggies) option (without cheese) is vegan as are most of the sauces. All of the salad and vegetable fillings are vegan.

Other take-away options

Some chip shops fry their chips in a separate vat of vegetable oil to the fish, just ask. Most chip shops sell meatless ‘kebab’ – which is a toasted pitta or bun, all of the salad, cabbage and onions that usually come with a kebab and a choice of chilli, BBQ or mint sauce.

Chinese take-away – veggie stir-frys, beansprouts, tofu/beancurd in sauce and chips are all vegan. Just check they are not using any oyster/fish sauce.

Indian take-away – lots of vegan options, nearly all curries can be made with veggies only, just check there is no ghee in the sauce. Most Indian side dishes are vegan – pakoras, samosas, bhajis, poppadums etc.

Mexican – most Mexican restaurants and take-aways sell roasted/grilled veg fajitas, burritos or nachos. Just ask for them without sour cream or cheese and have extra salsa and jalapenos for taste!

Finally BBQs – I used to dread being invited to a BBQ as a vegan but I have some tips to make sure you get to have fun and eat loads too!

• Ask your host to use a separate grill or take your own disposable BBQ with you.

• Same with utensils as above.

• As well as vegan burgers/sausages, you could take along veggie/marinated tofu skewers, and corn on the cobs which everyone loves.

• If you are having a BBQ you can serve jacket potatoes, salad and bread rolls as well as vegan chilli, or take some to the BBQ you are going to.

• Don’t forget campfire food such as vegan marshmallows, dark choc/bananas wrapped in tin foil, BBQ beans and soup.

• Finally ice lollies, fruit salad and vegan soft drinks or vegan beer/wine for the host!

Please note that recipes and menus change frequently, and there could be regional variations on ingredients so please check when booking or arriving at the restaurant if the menu items are still available and that they are still suitable for vegans.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to eating out Vegan Vox Style. If you have, please come over and read my blog –, feel free to email me [email protected] and follow me on Twitter @veganvoxblog or facebook veganvoxblog. Please tell your friends to come and read my blog too!

Big Vegan Love, Vegan Vox. VVx


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