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Welcome to TeenVGN!

TeenVGN is a Website, Support Group and Network for compassionate young people. If you're between 12-19 years, please sign up as a Member (it's free!) and get involved by chatting with hundreds of other cruelty-free teens! Stay up to date with everything TeenVGN by following us on Social Media and reading our Blog.

Our Mission Statement: What, Who and Why?

We are a "not-for-profit" organisation and our mission is to offer a safe and secure network for young Vegetarians and Vegans. We aim to provide value to our Members by giving them the opportunity to speak out, generate creative ideas and build them up to become enthusiastic advocates for the animals. Our long term goal is to become a universally recognised organisation, so that we may collaborate with others to make the world a better place for the animals.

Our new website is coming soon!

TeenVGN Office

We've had to move offices due to an increase in rent. Our new office is £102 a month and we'd really appreciate it if you could donate a few pounds to help us!

Clearance Sale!

We're rebranding and are having a HUGE SALE across all our merch. Raglans, tees, vests £10, totes & truckers £5, stickers, pins & wristbands just 50p! Don't miss out!

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