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Welcome to TeenVGN!

TeenVGN is a Social Network and Support Group for compassionate young people. If you're between 12-19 years, please sign up as a Member (it's free!) and get involved by chatting with hundreds of other cruelty-free teens! Stay up to date with everything TeenVGN by following us on Social Media and our Blog. You can find lots of delicious meat-free Recipes and Reviews of our favourite vegan products in the VGN Life section!  We also have a section dedicated to Getting Active, with information on how you can get involved by Volunteering for TeenVGN! We have a Web Shop where you can buy our t-shirts, wristbands, pin badges, mini-mags and more! We host TeenZones all around the UK so keep an eye on our On Tour dates. Finally, the most exciting thing of all is our annual VGN Summer Camps. Click here for all the info you'll need! Make friends, share stories, and have fun!

Our Mission Statement: What, Who and Why?

We are a "not-for-profit" organisation and our mission is to offer a safe and secure network for young Vegetarians and Vegans. We aim to provide value to our Members by giving them the opportunity to speak out, generate creative ideas and build them up to become enthusiastic advocates for the animals. Our long term goal is to become a universally recognised organisation, so that we may collaborate with others to make the world a better place for the animals.

5K Inflatable Fundraiser

We're taking on an epic 5k inflatable run to raise some much needed funds for the TeenVGN office rent. Support us by sponsoring a few pounds here!

VGN Summer Camp 

We run annual Vegan Summer Camps for 11-17 year old's. Jam packed itineraries, delicious food, themed days & nights. 

Tickets on sale NOW! Don't miss out!

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Are you 12-19 years old? Vegetarian or Vegan? Then you have come to the right place! Sign-up to TeenVGN today (it's free) 

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